Our History

In 1964 Dean and Cordie Barber felt God calling them to create a place of rest and retreat for weary Christian workers. Working hard they built three guest cabins to accommodate those in need. Dean worked outside the ranch in order to support it and Cordie worked at the ranch as the hostess. Together they ministered to over 2,000 people from over 25 countries. (See map). Many weary missionaries, lonely pastors, and others found rest and God's peace at Living Springs Ranch.

Cordie   and   Dean Barber

Maurice   and   Gail Smith

After Dean had heart valve replacement surgery in 2000, he and Cordie could no longer care for the ministry. They still owned the Ranch but moved closer to town to a home with less responsibility. Friends of the Barbers, Gail and Maurice Smith, offered to become the temporary host and hostess of the Ranch. The Smiths served at the ranch for several years, continuing and adding much to the ministry. They currently are busy with their new ministry, Feed Spokane (www.feedspokane.com), collecting food to distribute to people in need.

In 2006 Dean and Cordie handed the ministry over to their grandson, Jay. Jay and his wife Tiffany are now looking to renew and expand the ministry and continue serving the Christian community.

Living Springs Ranch has seen many phases of ministry. It's always been used for retreats, but the Lord has used it to fill many other needs over the years. The largest cottage was used as a home base for a missionary couple for 12 years. The cottages have also hosted families who have lost homes through fire or those who have lost jobs and needed a place to stay. God has touched many hearts through this ministry and we pray that continues!


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