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"What a beautiful ministry you have here. Judy and I both simply needed to "slow down". Thank you so much for helping to provide for us such a restful weekend. We love you both very much. All our love,"

Karolyn and Judy.

"Thank you for the peaceful time I had here. God bless you real good. Christian love,"

Thor S.
Missionary evangelist

"Thank you for your kind hospitality!"

Ken and Debbie H.

"You people are truly Servants of our Lord. Through serving in the way you do you have truly clothed yourself in the garment of humility. (James 4:6) I feel refreshed and ready to move on with Jesus. Thank you for your love and hospitality."

Bonnie F.
King's Community

"Thanks so much for a place of quiet where I could "seek His face" for answers in my life. This has been a real blessing!"

Vickie M.

"Once again we have revelled in the serenity of Living Springs, and partaken of the warmth of your hospitality. How we thank you! Love,"

Paul and Jean.

"After a day of fasting and praying, I am refreshed and invigorated by the Lord's Presence. He spoke most definitely to my spirit while I was here. Many thanks again for a place of solitude and retreat! In Christ,"

Jim L.

"This has been a much needed break from the routine, to regroup and readjust my priorities. I will return refreshed and encouraged. I thank you for your open doors and I pray that the Lord will bless you as He has blessed so many through you!"

Lyn K.

"Time alone with our creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, is invaluable - priceless and we thank you for this very special gift."

Doug and Patti M.

"Thanks so much for the opportunity to get away for a while. May God continue His Blessing upon this Ranch and your household."

Paul M.

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