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"I am impressed with the quality of the cabin and the beauty of the surrounding area. God bless you!"

Steve O.

"Thank you for the quiet night, surrounded by God's beautiful forest."

Alicia V.
Red Letter Edition

"'Thank You' seems so inadequate for your generousity. May God continue to bless you in Jesus' name. Numbers 6:24-26"

Bill P. and Dave J.

"Another precious time and this time with our family. We count times like these eternally invaluable. God is so good and faithful - And Douglas saw deer!!! Thank you so much again and Bless you two!"

Doug and Patti M.

"This is a difficult time in my life and I so appreciate the time and space I had here. I'm so grateful for a faithful and loving Heavenly Father and for dear ones such as you! I also consider it a very special priviledge to have had my beloved daughter, Melinda, with me. Love,"

Tracy H.

"I needed time to get to know my Father. He became more real to me as I spent time here allowing Him to reveal Himself and start dealing with some deep hurts. I may have to come back soon. OK? Thank you for your part in it. With love,"

Dave W.

"How refreshing it is to find people who listen to the high calling of the Saviour and who selflessly provide a "servant ministry" in His name."

Norm and Sheryl N.

"Thanks so much for this nook away from daily congestion and noise. If the need is there, the Lord provides."

Jeff and Lynette A.

"I'm sorry I did not have more time here - my short stay was an absolute blessing. Thank you for sharing what Jesus gave to you with me. God bless you and keep you in good health. His servant and yours,"

Edgar M.

"We're so thankful for yet another opportunity to enjoy family togetherness in this perfect setting. We love you both and the many you have helped!"

Betty and Lou W.

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